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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 July, 2004, 07:56 GMT 08:56 UK
In pictures: N Koreans defect
A chartered Asiana Airlines plane carrying North Korean defectors arrives at Seoul Military Airport, 27/07/04
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Rumours about a mass defection have been mounting, but it was not until a chartered plane arrived in Seoul that the biggest single defection of N Korean refugees was confirmed
North Korean refugees get off an Asiana plane and move into buses, 27/07/04
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More than 200 refugees were hurried away for debriefing, and a new life ahead
North Korean defectors in a bus look through window on a road in Seoul 27/07/04
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Some defectors could not resist their first glimpse of South Korea's capital, Seoul
A North Korean in a bus looks through window on a road in Seoul, 27/07/04
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The defectors will spend the next few weeks in a resettlement centre, learning about life in the south, including basics like how to use a bank
Riot policemen set up a barricade after buses carrying North Korean defectors arrived at a shelter house in Ansan, 27/07/04
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Security was tight to keep onlookers and media away from such a sensitive convoy
North Korean boy in a bus looks through window after his arrival in Seoul with other defectors  27/07/04
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After a long and dangerous journey, through China and another country believed to be Vietnam, the refugees had cause for hope

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