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Last Updated: Friday, 23 July, 2004, 21:10 GMT 22:10 UK
In pictures: Mostar bridge reopens
The Old Bridge is seen on Friday through the ruins of a nearby house
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The destruction of the bridge at Mostar in 1993 symbolised the hatred of war. But on Friday a new bridge was unveiled.
A policeman by the bridge on Friday
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Fighting ended a decade ago, but tensions in the town are slow to heal and security was tight.
A Bosnian war veteran visits the bridge
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Former residents and war veterans - such as this man - were among those who arrived to mark the occasion.
The bridge in 1993
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For many of them, the destruction - and eventual total collapse - of the bridge remains all too vivid a memory.
Rug vendor in Mostar
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Handwoven rugs showing the restored bridge were among the souvenirs on offer.
A Bosnian Muslim woman with a handmade replica of the bridge
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The town hopes that the new bridge will bring tourism - and new prosperity and peace - to a scarred community.
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On Friday evening the bridge was lit up for festivities marking its reopening.
Diver jumping off Mostar bridge
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Some of Mostar's famed divers jumped from the bridge into the waters of the Neretva...
Dancers at Mostar ceremony
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... while on the river banks dancers and singers from all communities in Bosnia performed.

Mostar celebrates rebuilt bridge
23 Jul 04  |  Europe


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