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In pictures: Flight 77 hijackers
One of the hijackers, wearing a white shirt, approaches security at Washington's Dulles International Airport
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Grainy airport surveillance video shows five hijackers who crashed flight 77 into the Pentagon on 11 September 2001.
One of the hijackers, having just passed through a metal detector, prepares to be manually checked
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Nawaq Alhamzi sets off a metal detector and approaches a security guard in Washington's Dulles International airport.
As he is frisked by a security agent, the other hijacker waits for his luggage
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As he is checked by a security agent, his brother and fellow hijacker Salem waits for his luggage.
One of the hijackers collects his bag as the other continues to be checked
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Salem Alhamzi collects his bag while his brother continues to be checked.
The pair of hijackers leave the security area and prepare to board the plane
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Cleared by officials, the brothers leave the security area and prepare to board the plane.
The two hijackers have cleared security and head towards the plane
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The video captures the brothers as they head towards the plane they will help crash, killing 189 people.


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