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In pictures: ships facing the axe
HMS Newcastle is one of the Royal Navy's longest serving destroyers and has seen action in the Gulf and Kosovo
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Previously involved in counter drugs operations, HMS Newcastle is nicknamed the Geordie Gunboat; she was launched in 1975.
HMS Glasgow has been used in East Timor, to take aid to the Caribbean island of St Lucia after a hurricane and  in the Free Enterprise ferry  diaster at  Zeebrugge
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HMS Glasgow is said to be the luckiest ship, after an Argentinian bomb in the Falklands conflict passed though its hull without exploding.
HMS Cardiff provided relief to Belize in 2000 in the wake of Hurricane Keith
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HMS Cardiff also saw action in the Falklands - its motto is 'keen in emergency'.
Launched by Princess Margaret in 1987, HMS Norfolk has seen action in Sierra Leone
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This year, HMS Norfolk helped rescue 11 Iraqi fishermen who had survived days at sea after their vessel broke down.
HMS Marlborough in 1999 helped to recover 9bn tonnes of cocaine
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HMS Marlborough's motto is 'he goes to war'. The ship has seen action in Iraq and rescued men from Aceh, Indonesia, found clinging to a boat near the Malacca Straits.
HMS Grafton was used in the television drama drama Making Waves
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HMS Grafton has guarded two key oil wells off the coast of Iraq - the Al Bakra and Khawr al Amaya - which produce 90% of the country's oil.


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