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In pictures: Thunderbirds UK premiere
Sophia Myles in FAB1
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British actress Sophia Myles, who plays heroine Lady Penelope, arrived at the Leicester Square premiere in her pink Thunderbirds car, FAB 1.
Sophia Myles
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Myles said the film's makers had "set out to make a children's film", rather than stick to the original TV series.
Brady Corbet
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Fifteen-year-old Brady Corbet plays Thunderbird 3 pilot Alan Tracy. His age has been lowered by the film's producers, leaving some diehard fans disgruntled.
Sophia Myles
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Myles, who also starred in From Hell and Underworld, was the star of the premiere.
Soren Fulton, Vanessa Anne Hudgens and Jonathan Frakes
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Director Jonathan Frakes - seen here with the film's younger stars Soren Fulton as Fermat and Vanessa Anne Hudgens as Tin-Tin - is best known for his TV role in Star Trek.
Anthony Edwards and his wife
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Former ER actor Anthony Edwards plays Brains, the inventor of all of International Rescue's ingenious machines.
Sophia Myles and Sir Ben Kingsley
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Sophia Myles is all smiles despite standing close to film villain Sir Ben Kingsley. Sir Ben plays The Hood - a ruthless enemy seeking the Thunderbirds' secrets and the world's cash.
Dominic Colenzo, Lex Shrapnel, Philip Winchester and Ben Togensen,
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The film sees the Tracy brothers take on Sir Ben Kingsley's villain Hood to save the world

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