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In pictures: Blair's decade
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New leader: In October 1994, at Blair's first party conference since taking charge he pledged to reform the Labour party
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Public face: 1995 saw the opposition leader's waxwork installed at Madam Tussaud's in London
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Demonised: The Conservative's campaign poster, launched in 1996, was designed by Maurice Saatchi
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Landslide: Blair arrives to take office on 2 May 1997. Aged 43, he was the youngest prime minister since 1812
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Taking a break: With UUP's David Trimble and SDLP's John Hume during the 1998 NI referendum campaign on the Good Friday agreement
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Not amused: At the Dome on Millennium Eve - a ticketing blunder marred the event and the attraction remained the subject of media ridicule for the rest of the year
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Baby Blair: Leo was born in May 2000, the first child born to a serving PM for 150 years
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11 September 2001: Mr Blair was due to address the TUC. Instead he spoke about the British public's shock and pledged to stand "shoulder to shoulder" with the US
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Golden year: Greeting the Queen before a Golden Jubilee celebratory dinner in April 2002
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Before the war: Jeremy Paxman grills Blair on Iraq in February 2003
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Atlantic crossing: Blair and President Bush leave the podium after addressing the Nato summit in Turkey, June 2004


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