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In pictures: Family reunion
Hitomi Soga and Charles Jenkins meeting at Jakarta's airport,  9 July 2004
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It was the moment they had been looking forward to for so long - former US soldier Charles Jenkins was finally reunited with his Japanese wife, Hitomi Soga.
The family are reunited, 9 July 2004
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The couple and their two children hugged and kissed as they met on an airport runway in Jakarta. The family had not been together since 2002.
Charles Jenkins at the airport, 9 July 2004
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The couple first met in North Korea, where Mr Jenkins had been living since leaving active service in South Korea in 1965. The US has accused him of desertion.
Hitomi Soga, 8 July 2004
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Hitomi Soga was one of several Japanese citizens kidnapped by North Korea in the 1970s, to train the country's spies.
Charles Robert Jenkins sees off his wife at Pyongyang airport in October 2002
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In 2002, when Ms Soga was finally allowed to return to Japan, her husband was there to wave her off at the airport.
Family members of Japanese former abductees go down stairs to board a plane at Pyongyang airport, May 2004
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When the relatives of Japanese abductees were also allowed to go to Japan in May 2004, there was hope the family could be reunited in Tokyo.
Hitomi Soga cries during a press conference at a Tokyo hotel, May 2004.
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But Ms Soga was devastated when her husband and children were not on the plane. Mr Jenkins had refused to fly to Japan, fearing he would be extradited to America.
Japanese abductee Hitomi Soga, left, her daughters Belinda, second left, and Mika, and her husband Charles Robert Jenkins, 9 July 2004
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Indonesia provided a temporary solution. Unlike Japan, it has no extradition treaty with Washington.
Charles Jenkins and his daughter Mika greet Indonesian children,  9 July 2004
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The story has captured the hearts of many people in Asia, and the Indonesians are no exception.

Japan abductee meets family again
09 Jul 04 |  Asia-Pacific


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