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In pictures: Diana memorial
Fountain in Hyde Park
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The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park is designed by American architect Kathryn Gustafson, cost 3.6m and is based on an 80m x 50m oval stone ring.
Hyde Park crowds
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The crowds arrived from early morning and most said they thought the fountain to be a fitting tribute to the princess.
Queen and family in Hyde Park
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The Queen gave a speech in which she said: "I remember especially the happiness she gave my two grandsons."
Spencers and Windsors sitting together
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The event brought the Windsors and the Spencers together for the first time since the princess's funeral in 1997, when Earl Spencer appeared to criticise the Windsors.
Prince Charles, Prince William and Earl Spencer
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Diana's two families mixed comfortably with each other and Earl Spencer played down talk of a rift by saying: "There wasn't really one that needed healing."
VIPs admire the fountain
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Etched on the inner side of the fountain is the inscription: "Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain opened by her Majesty The Queen on 6th July 2004."
Domenica Monckton (left) and sister Savannah
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The princess's god-daughter Domenica Monckton (left) and sister Savannah played with the water.
Bethany Lucas (left), 10, and her friend Rebecca McConnell
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Other youngsters went a step further and took the plunge to splash around in blazing sunshine.
Crowds at ceremony
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People travelled from across the UK to attend the ceremony and some had a better view than others.
Prince William meets the crowds
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Their wait was rewarded when after the official ceremony, Prince William and the other Windsors met onlookers.


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