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In Pictures: Foetal scans on the high street
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Ultrasound scans have long been used for health purposes, but they are now becoming a high street service for parents who want to see their child in the womb.
Scanner in operation
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The BBC spent some time at Babybond, in Uppingham, Rutland. They charge 275 to create a DVD of unborn babies.
Scan, with sonographer pointing
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The scans are no longer just in three dimensions - the images are marketed as four dimensional. The fourth dimension is time, meaning you can see the babies move.
Mother looking at scan
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Expecting mother Lara Upton told us: "It pulled on my heart strings when the baby was smiling. Every mother likes to think they have got a happy baby inside them."
Sonographer Jan Steward
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Although some midwives frown on the commercial use of the technology, sonographer Jan Steward said staff were well qualified.
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This foetus is 12 weeks old. While the commercial scans are not used for health reasons, they occasionally result in the detection of foetal abnormalities.

The BBC's Rob Sissons
"The technology has arrived in the high street"


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