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In pictures: Saddam in court
Saddam Hussein in court on Thursday
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Saddam Hussein, the ousted Iraqi leader, has appeared in court for the first time, in a former palace on the outskirts of Baghdad.
Saddam Hussein in court on Thursday
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Arriving in handcuffs and chains, he seemed thinner than when he appeared in video after his capture last December. His beard was trimmed and he wore a dark suit.
Saddam Hussein in court on Thursday
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The former leader appeared in turn animated and dejected.
Saddam Hussein in court on Thursday
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He refused to sign a warrant accepting preliminary charges, insisting on the presence of lawyers first.
Saddam Hussein in court on Thursday
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"I am Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq," he told the judge, when asked to identify himself.
Taha Yassin Ramadan
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After Saddam, some of his top lieutenants appeared before the judge one after the other. His deputy Taha Yassin Ramadan was charged with killing Iraqis in 1991.
Tariq Azia
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Deputy PM Tariq Aziz was told he was being charged with the deliberate killing of Iraqis in 1979 and 1991.
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Ali Hassan al-Majid, Saddam's cousin and presidential advisor but known to the world as Chemical Ali, was charged with gassing the Kurds and brutal suppression of the 1991 Shia uprising.
Abed Hamid Mahmoud
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Another of the most feared men of Saddam's regime, Abed Hamid Mahmoud, responsible for "presidential security", was charged with crimes against the Iraqi people.
Watban Ibrahim al-Tikriti
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Saddam's half brothers, former interior minister Watban Ibrahim al-Tikriti...
Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti
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... and Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti, were also charged with torture and deliberate killings.
Sultan Hashem Ahmed
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Former defence minister Sultan Hashem Ahmed was among the defendants, accused over the 1988 Halabja massacre and the Anfal "ethnic cleansing" campaign against the Kurds.
Sabir Abdul Aziz al-Douri
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Last on the list of the 12 accused was Sabir Abdul Aziz al-Douri, former military intelligence chief and mayor of Baghdad. All men could face the death penalty if convicted.


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