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Last Updated: Friday, 25 June, 2004, 03:42 GMT 04:42 UK
In pictures: Fans at the big match
Dejected England fans
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Knocked out by Portugal in the quarter-final, the dream of England's 60,000 travelling supporters was finally over. Paul Jackson, from Weston-super-Mare, pictured with friend Andrew Pattinson, said: "It's definitely been worth it though."
Happier days for England fans
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Earlier in the game things had been looking much better, with England leading 1-0 from the third minute with a Michael Owen goal. Fans at Uefa's Fan Park confidently predicted victory. "The Portuguese will take losing well," said one.
A Portuguese fan can hardly bear to watch
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The heart-stopping penalty shoot-out that decided the game left fans of both teams barely able to watch. Many hid their faces in team scarves, others simply turned away and asked friends to keep them informed.
Portugal fans celebrate
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But it was, of course, the Euro 2004 host nation who went through to the next round. The result was met with wild cheering and singing. "We're going to dance all night now, nobody's going to be working tomorrow," said student Mafalda Correia, 22.
The Portuguese celebrate
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Celebrating victory is not something Portuguese football fans do quietly. After seeing their team dump the English out of the tournament, it was time to take to the streets.
England fans prepare for match
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Earlier in the day the area had been the preserve of the English. "Look at how many England fans are here, we're going to take over the stadium again," Rob Sambidge (left), with Michael Moorhead and Ben Spooner, had said.
Fans in central Lisbon
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The fans had partied through the afternoon, with Edward Rutter, Paul Duckett, John Davies, Clive Rowland and a mystery woman among those enjoying the fun.
Football fan dressed as Father Christmas
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Face paint, fancy dress and England flags were everywhere. "We'll win this one, I predict an England vs Czech Republic final," said Father Football, aka Nick Hoskin, 27, from Plymouth. His confidence had been echoed by many, but sadly it was not to be.


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