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In pictures: Art from Islamic Lands
Single volume Koran written by the calligrapher Muhammad Arab, Deccan (Golconda),   The Khalili Collection, London
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Heaven on Earth, an exhibition at Somerset House in London, presents a selection of masterpieces, covering more than a thousand years of Islamic art. Above are illustrated opening pages of the Koran.
Three Tiles, Early 14th Century,  The State Hermitage Museum
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Inscriptions from the Koran also appear on tiles and were used for both interiors and exteriors from late 12th and 13th Centuries.
White crystalline marble from North India, late 17th Century. The Khalili Collection
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The purpose of these stones is not known but the presence of the verse of the Throne from the Koran is suggests the stones may have been used in funerals.
The Bobrinsky bucket, Herat, AH 599/AD 1163,  The State Hermitage Museum
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One of the earliest examples of animated scripts is on the Bobrinsky Bucket dated AH 599/AD 1163.
A pair of bracelets, Mughal Indian, 17th Century.  The State Hermitage Museum
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These bracelets, made in India in the 17th Century, were a gift to the young Tsar Ivan VI. Their inner surface is decorated with enamels, their outer surface is thickly encrusted with precious stones.
Small table by goldsmith Situram, Mughal, India 17th Century.  The State Hermitage Museum
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The use of enamels and precious stones can be found again in the design of this small table. There are four diamonds, 1,762 rubies and 380 emeralds in this piece.
Figurine of a Seated Man (Sultan Tughril), Iran (Kashan), late 13th Century.  The Khalili Collection, London
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There are many examples of small three-dimensional pottery or metal vessels in animal or human form, produced for the Persian courts.
By Muhammad Qasim al-Tabrizi. Lady proffering a water-pipe. Opaque watercolour and gold on paper.   The Khalili Collection
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This watercolour shows a woman proffering a water-pipe. The exhibition of Islamic Art from the State Hermitage Museum and The Khalili Collection continues at Somerset House London until October 2004.

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