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In pictures: Spider-Man 2 premiere
Tobey Maguire with brothers Weston and Jopaul
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Spider-Man 2 star Tobey Maguire arrives at Tuesday's premiere with his younger brothers Weston and Jopaul.
Kirsten Dunst
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Actress Kirsten Dunst again plays Maguire's love interest, Mary Jane Watson, in the blockbuster sequel.
Sam Raimi
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Director Sam Raimi arrives at the premiere, held at the Mann Village Theatre in Westwood, California.
Alfred Molina
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British actor Alfred Molina plays the villainous Doctor Ock in Spider-Man 2, which is released in the UK on 15 July.
James Franco
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Actor James Franco reprises his role as Harry Osborn, a young man with a bone to pick with super-hero Spider-Man.
Stan Lee
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Spider-Man creator Stan Lee strikes a pose for photographers at the star-studded event in Los Angeles.
Rosemary Harris and Cliff Robertson
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Actor Cliff Robertson hugs English actress Rosemary Harris. The couple play Peter Parker's aunt and uncle.
Willem Dafoe
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Actor Willem Dafoe played the villainous Green Goblin in the first Spider-Man film, which broke box office records in 2002.
Val Kilmer
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Former Batman Val Kilmer arrives to give his fellow comic book hero the once-over.
Sarah Michelle Gellar
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Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar was another guest at the US premiere of the eagerly awaited film.

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