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Last Updated: Saturday, 19 June, 2004, 21:41 GMT 22:41 UK
In pictures: Falluja raid
Damage in Fallujah after US missile strike
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Locals said two missiles were fired at the building in a residential district.
Damage in Fallujah after US missile strike
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A number of houses were destroyed, in what the US said was an attack on a house used by allies of al-Qaeda militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.
Residents sift through damaged copies of the Koran
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Residents tried to retrieve goods from the wreckage - like these burnt copies of the Koran.
Child in the ruins of a house after Falluja attack
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Falluja has been hotbed of militant Sunni resistance to the US-led forces.
Damage after US air strike on Falluja
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Locals said that a second missile killed some who were trying to help victims of the first strike.


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