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Highlights of the 2004 Mobility Roadshow
Photo of the Loadstar powered mountain bike
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The Loadstar brings the experience of mountain bikes to wheelchair users. Bikeability say it will sell for 2000. It is powered by a 500w motor which gives an hour's use.
Photo of EasiMount horse riding platform lift.
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For those who prefer to travel by horse, this towable platform lift is designed to assist disabled people to mount more easily. The platform can lift a wheelchair user and two helpers.
Photo of Martin 16 accessible sailing boat
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Or if your pleasure is sailing the Martin 16 was designed in Canada and has a variety of accessibility features. It can be controlled by joystick and - for more severely disabled people - there is a suck and blow control.
Photo of the Mission powered tricycle
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Back to pedal power, Misson Cycles now have a powered version of their adult tricycle. It complies with US regulations and costs 600.
Photo of the RSE hands-free ignition box
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RSE Developments were showing a number of new products - some still at the design stage. They hope soon to launch their voice activated ignition for hands-free starting.
Photo of RSE dual power scooter.
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Also at the prototype stage is RSE's petrol/electric scooter. On petrol power it has a range of up to 80 miles and will recharge the battery in the process.
Photo of the cover of the Smooth Ride Guide to France
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The smooth ride guide to France has details of accessible accommodation, transport and leisure activities to help people with mobility impairments to plan their holiday.
Photo of two-seater quad bike
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OuadTech have a range of Canadian Bombardier quad bikes which can be adapted for disabled users. The vehicles are approved for road use and there are step-through and two-seater versions available.

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