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In pictures: Reactions to Harry Potter
Lewis, 13
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BBC News Online gauged audience reactions to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, released in the UK on Monday. "The first two films were better," said Lewis, 13. "It was hard to follow - too many characters and they rushed the ending."
Emily, Matthew and Rachel
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Emily, nine, said her favourite part was "where they went back in time". Matthew described it as "brilliant - but there was a lot missing from the book", while Rachel agreed, adding: "I wouldn't have minded it being a bit longer."
Michelle, 26, and Helen, 25
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"I preferred it to the other films but it missed bits out," said Michelle (left), 26. "I think some of the child actors looked too old for their parts," Helen, 25, said. "They didn't," countered Michelle. "Children don't look like children these days."
Hamdi, 11, Kayley, 12, and Ayan, 12
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"It was good - especially Harry arguing with Sirius," said Ayan (right), 12. Kayley (centre), also 12, liked the fact that "the Dementors kept taking Harry's happiness", while Hamdi, 11, said it was "interesting" but wasn't particularly impressed.
Abigail, 8, Rosie, 10, and Georgie, 9
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Abigail, eight, Rosie, 10, and Georgie, nine, all said the film was scary. "I liked it when the man turned into a werewolf," said Abigail, while Georgie chose "the bit where the lady blew up" as her highlight. "I liked Ron's rat, Scabbers," said Rosie.


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