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Last Updated: Sunday, 30 May, 2004, 10:25 GMT 11:25 UK
In pictures: Khobar hostage drama
Saudi helicopter drops troops onto building in compound
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Saudi commandos moved in to rescue dozens of foreign hostages being held in the eastern city of Khobar.
Saudi special forces outside the Oasis compound, 30 May 2004
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About 40 commandos were involved in the rescue operation at the luxury Oasis housing compound.
Saudi police and ambulances outside the Oasis compound in Khobar, 30 May 2004
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Police surrounded the compound, and ambulances lined up outside.
Saudi policeman makes a victory sign as he leaves the Oasis compound, 30 May 2004
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Security forces flashed victory signs as the siege ended, about 25 hours after the attack began.
Policeman inspects car at site of one of the attacks
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The attack started on Saturday when suspected Islamic militants went on a shooting spree at compounds in the city.
Covered bodies lie on grass verge in Khobar
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Western expatriates were among at least 10 people killed in the attack.
Mobile phone on car seat
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A bloodied mobile phone lies abandoned in one car, a mute witness to the surprise assault.
Roadblock in Khobar
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Roads were sealed off as the militants escaped into the Oasis compound, taking several hostages.
Saudi security forces in Khobar
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The Saudi authorities have vowed to crush the militants behind a series of attacks against foreigners in the oil-rich kingdom.


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