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In pictures: Durga Puja festival
Statue of Hindu Goddess Durga
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The Hindu festival known as Durga Puja celebrates the triumph of good over evil.
Artists in the Indian city of Calcutta
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Artists in the Indian city of Calcutta work hard to finish statues of Goddess Durga and other Hindu deities before the festival, which runs until Saturday.
Clay heads of Hindu Goddess Durga
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They also make clay heads of the goddess.
Artist paints idols of the Goddess Durga in the Indian city of Allahabad
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In the Indian city of Allahabad, an artist puts the finishing touches on statues ahead of one of the religion's most popular festivals - known as Dasain in Nepal.
Hindu devotees in Allahabad, India
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Devotees in the city admire statues at a prayer hall.
Indian boatmen in Calcutta
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Indian boatmen dock a traditional vessel on a bank of the Ganges river in Calcutta.
Indian sculptors in the eastern state of Orissa
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Sculptors in the eastern state of Orissa use sand to express their devotion.


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