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In pictures: Everything's gone green
'Old Familiar Flowers', 1919, Mrs G.A Barton
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Everything's Gone Green: Photography and the Garden is currently showing at the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television in Bradford.
A lesson in cutting grass with the shears 1933, Fox Photos Ltd, Daily Herald Archive
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Using photography and video it explores the artistic, cultural and social significance of the domestic and public garden.
Kingsnorth gardens in miniature 1954, Unknown, Daily Herald Archive
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A place of toil, leisure and domesticity, the garden apparently allows free range of the imagination...
Delphinium Rose, Noor Damen © Galerie Von Kranendonk
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...though geography, class, fashion and time may determine its appearance and use.
Giant chicken on a nest cut in evergreen, Fox Photos Ltd, Daily Herald Archive
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Drawing significantly from the museum's Collection, including the Daily Herald Archive and the recently acquired Royal Photographic Society Collection...
'The Gardener's Daughter', 1867, Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-1879)
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...the exhibition juxtaposes images by little known or anonymous photographers with a number of photographic icons, including Roger Fenton and Julia Margaret Cameron.
First Dwelling Place, Justine Kurland, 2003 © Emily Tsingou Gallery
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Justine Kurland says of her picture, First Dwelling Place, "The naked figures in the colour photographs have willingly undressed. They represent perfect beings heroically occupying their Eden's."
Inspecting (Allen O'Conor Searches for Botrytis Cinerea), Scott McFarland© Scott McFarland
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Scott McFarland's pictures are characterised by meticulous staging and image manipulation. What looks at first sight like an abundant garden in spring, on closer inspection poses questions of authenticity.
Robomo, Unknown photographer, 1966, Daily Herald Archive
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Everything's Gone Green runs until 26 September.

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