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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 May, 2004, 14:05 GMT 15:05 UK
In Pictures: Birmingham Motorshow
Mini Cooper
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A stunt driver puts a Mini Cooper through its paces at the motorshow.
Vauxhall sportscar
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Vauxhall proves that it can do more than merely deliver comfortable company cars
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Morgan's sleek Aero 8. The UK firm hopes the 58,000 car will more than double its sales in the US.
Land Rover Discovery 3
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Land Rover's new Discovery has square headlights similar to those seen on more upmarket Range Rover models.
Porsche Carrera GT
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Porsche's top-of-the-range Carrera GT will set you back 310,000. The 911 series recently celebrated it 40th birthday.
Mitsubishi Colt convertible concept car
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The troubled car maker Mitsubishi shows off its vision of the future with its convertible Colt concept car.
Mini convertible
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Making its first appearance in the UK, the Mini convertible will hit the roads in June. Prices start at 13,000.
Bentley Continental GT
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A member of staff keeps the latest Volkswagen-built Bentley Continental GT Coupe in spotless condition.
Suzuki two-seater consept car
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Suzuki envisages a future where commuters will sit in one behind the other, like on a motorcycle
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Strictly off-road. Toy company Lego shows off its mock Formula One racing car.

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