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Last Updated: Monday, 24 May, 2004, 11:07 GMT 12:07 UK
In pictures: Malawi poll violence
Opposition supporters setting fire to UDF offices in Ndirande, near Blantyre
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After the ruling party candidate was officially declared the victor of last week's election in Malawi, hundreds of opposition supporters went on the rampage.
Opposition supporter throws a brick through the burning windows of the UDF office in Ndirande, near Blantyre
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They destroyed the offices of the United Democratic Front in Ndirande, near the largest city, Blantyre. They continued to clash with the police as the UDF's Bingu wa Mutharika was sworn in on Monday.
Opposition supporters man a burning barricade
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They blocked roads to some of Blantyre's townships with burning barricades and boulders. Veteran opposition politician Gwanda Chakuamba said that he had won the poll.
Police arrest a protestor
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The police fired tear gas and both rubber and live bullets at the protestors and made several arrests.
Youths ripping up a Mutharika poster
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Some of the protestors vented their anger on a poster of Mr Mutharika...
Man running with a computer
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... Others took the opportunity to steal items of value.


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