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In pictures: Egypt's jolted resort paradise
A man in white gallabayah stands overlooking the Ras al-Shitan camps
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Ras al-Shitan - meaning Satan's Head - has been one of the most popular escapes for young Israelis who come to camp out in on of the many bamboo beach huts. (Picture: Nadav Neuhaus)
Bomb blast scene in the Ras al-Shitan camps
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But the peace and quiet of this isolated spot beneath the stark Sinai mountains was shattered when two cars laden with explosives drove at two of the camps. (Picture: Nadav Neuhaus)
Coral room decorations
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The camps had been full as Israelis celebrated one of the last nights of their holiday before heading home. (Picture: Nadav Neuhaus)
A locked door in Ras al-Shitan
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Within hours, the area was deserted as more than 1,000 Israelis returned home early. (Picture: Nadav Neuhaus)
Cleaners on the beach
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Just a handful of people remain now... (Picture: Nadav Neuhaus)
Dove plaque
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The area is known as a haven of tranquillity and many Israelis spend their weekends and holidays here. (Picture: Nadav Neuhaus)
A man on the beach in Ras al-Shitan
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Camp owners and residents fear it may be a long time before Israeli holidaymakers' confidence in Sinai is restored. (Picture: Nadav Neuhaus)


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