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In Pictures: Andy Warhol exhibits
Michael Howard
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Several contemporary celebrities and public figures, including Conservative leader Michael Howard, have been given the Warhol treatment to mark an exhibition dedicated to the pop artist.
Ian Hislop
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The modern pictures - including that of Ian Hislop - were rendered by fashion designer Wil Beedle but are not on sale at the exhibition.
Johnny Vaughan
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TV presenter Johnny Vaughan gave his permission for his picture to be "Warhol-ised" for the exhibition at London's Coskun Fine Art gallery.
Dermot Murnaghan
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The modern images include this one of the BBC's Breakfast presenter Dermot Murnaghan.
Giorgio Armani
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The exhibition includes many unseen Warhol works including this portrait of designer Giorgio Armani.
Liza Minnelli
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The images, including this one of Liza Minnelli, are being exhibited for the first time.
Michael Jackson
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Warhol's portrait of Michael Jackson is an example of Warhol's shift away from his "Campbell's Soup" days.
Alfred Hitchcock
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Warhol's screenprint of Alfred Hitchcock was created in 1983, three years after the director's death.
Princess Caroline Of Monaco
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A number of portraits of Princess Caroline Of Monaco feature in the exhibition; this one dates back to 1983.

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