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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 May, 2004, 14:26 GMT 15:26 UK
In Pictures: India election results
Counting in Punjab
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Some 380 million votes have to be counted. Prime Minister Vajpayee will be wondering why he has done so badly when opinion polls had predicted success.
Congress celebrations
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Congress supporters started their celebrations early in the day, before news broke that Mr Vajpayee would resign.
An election official displays an electronic voting machine to party officials in Bangalore
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The general verdict is that the electronic voting machines were a great success, although there were some glitches.
Votes come in by elephant from Assam
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Election officials used a novel mode of transport to bring in the votes from a village in deepest Assam.
Congress Party supporters celebrate
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The mood was jubilant at Congress Party offices in Delhi.
Election officials in Tripura
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Results from the north-east did not bring any relief for the government.
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Bollywood actor and Congress Party candidate Govinda joined the celebrations in Bombay.
Congress Party leader Sonia Gandhi
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Congress Party leader Sonia Gandhi hopes to become the new prime minister...
BJP's Pramod Mahajan
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...while senior BJP leaders such as Pramod Mahajan said they would accept the election results with "all politeness".

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Cabinet members Old faces return
Gandhi family loyalists back in from the cold, but no fresh blood in cabinet.




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