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In Pictures: Ricky Gervais' Flanimals
A plamglotis
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A new book, illustrated by Rob Steen, features 35 different characters invented by comic Ricky Gervais.
A flemping bunt-himmler
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Gervais says he has always been interested in zoology, which prompted the idea for the book - he went to university to study biology but changed to a philosophy course.
A clunge ambler
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"I've been trying to do it (the book) for about six years, but nobody answered the door until I knocked on it with four Baftas", says Gervais, who won the awards for The Office.
A hemel sprot
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This creature, a hemel sprot, "rushes across the guddle deserts on its wobble pod", according to Gervais.
A grundit
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Illustrator Rob Steen's artwork was created using traditional methods and computer colouring.
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The mernimbler is actually very cute-looking until stroked by an adult, when it turns into this monster.
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The mernimbler looks even more frightening when produced in full colour.
A sprine bloat-trunker
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The sprine bloat-trunker emerges from a sewer and is then recycled. The book is published by Faber and Faber on 7 October.

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