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Last Updated: Friday, 1 October, 2004, 14:28 GMT 15:28 UK
In pictures: Beslan paintings
Picture by Anya Misikova, 9
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Polish Radio Channel One organised a charity auction of 49 paintings by Beslan children - they show the horror of the school siege.
Painting by Vladimir Toptun, 12
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Polish radio reporter Grzegorz Slubowski obtained the pictures - the child who painted this one was wounded.
Painting by Dima Misikov, 12
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Beslan graves - proceeds from the sales will go to help the victims' relatives.
Painting by Zhenya Duchanin, 13
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The gutted school - the auction is co-organised by the Polish Humanitarian Organisation and Rzeczpospolita daily.
Picture by Anya Misikova, 9
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"I didn't just want to be a journalist - I wanted to do something for these children," said Slubowski.
Picture by Alan Chandishvili, 7
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The hostages in the gym - the boy who drew this just gave it to Slubowski, refusing to speak.
Picture by Lana Yadochkina, 12
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Many of the young artists were among the hundreds wounded in the Beslan tragedy.
Painting by Agunda Bzikova, 9
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Nine-year-old Agunda Bzikova, who painted this, died in the bloodbath.
Painting by Roma Pavlenko, 12
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The asking prices for the artworks range from 370 ($106) to 1700 zlotys.


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