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Last Updated: Monday, 10 May, 2004, 13:01 GMT 14:01 UK
In pictures: Chechnya buries president
People gather on the streets of the Chechen village of Tsentoroi for the funeral
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Thousands of people gathered in the home village of Chechnya's assassinated president on Monday for funeral rites.
Security deployed for the funeral.
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Security was tight for the funeral after Sunday's blast in the capital Grozny. Three days of mourning have been declared for the victims.
Friends carry the body of Akhmad Kadyrov, covered by a sheepskin.
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Akhmad Kadyrov, 53, who had once led Chechen separatists, died some six months after winning Moscow-backed presidential elections. But he had also accumulated many enemies.
Mourners at the funeral
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Mourners marched through the streets chanting prayers. They were joined by political and military leaders from Chechnya and neighbouring republics.
Diggers prepare grave for Akhmad Kadyrov.
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Mr Kadyrov's death deprives Russia President Vladimir Putin of his main ally in Chechnya. It is also the most significant blow dealt by Chechen rebels in almost five years of fighting.
Funeral procession arrives at cemetery
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A number of other people, including other two top officials, were killed in the blast.
Kadyrov's son Ramzan - also the dead president's security chief - cries at the funeral.
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Mr Kadyrov's son Ramzan, who helped carry his father's bier, has now been promoted to be deputy head of the pro-Russian government.
Ahmad Kadyrov (in hat) flanked by other top officials including regional commander Gen Valery Baranov (left)
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Just before the explosion, President Kadyrov had addressed crowds at Grozny's Dinamo stadium.
Damage to stadium after bomb went off
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It emerged a bomb had been planted in a concrete part of the stadium, beneath the VIP stand.


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