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Visual voices: A day in my life
Photo: Rithy
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UK charity PhotoVoice is working with young orphans in Cambodia, using photography to reach out to both local and international communities. BBC News Online is following their progress, these are the latest pictures. Photo: Rithy
Wat Phnom temple
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Some of the children have been shooting pictures in Wat Phnom, a central outdoor temple area in the middle of Phnom Penh. This picture of the temple is by Sok Yieb...
Wat Phnom park
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...whereas Phary has turned his attention to children playing in a nearby park...
Children playing in Wat Phnom
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...as has Lenna who wants to "show how happy the girls are skipping at Wat Phnom park."
Outside the Kien Kleang orphanage
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Some of the other children are working on a project entitled 'A Day in My Life'. So Ren took this picture outside the Kien Kleang orphanage.
Picture in Phnom Penh
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Hieng: "Through this picture I want to show about ancient Cambodian culture. I really want to visit this place but I am an orphan so I do not have enough money to go there."
Vouen's bed at the orphanage
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Vouen: "When I arrived at the orphanage five years ago, I slept in this bed. When I missed my village I cried on this bed... and yet when I had a bad time I also slept in this bed and dreamed good dreams on it."
Phary's sisters
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Phary: "These are my two lovely sisters called Chan Ry (13) and Chan Louen (8) eating their evening meal."
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So Ren photographed a group of orphans brought to the orphanage. He says: "now they live with me and I begin to think of them as my siblings."
Pisey's brother
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Pisey took this picture of his twin brother Piseth. "He is carrying water to water the flowers. I like my brother very much - he has a face like me and is like me on the inside too."

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