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In pictures: 100 years of Dali
Dali at the BBC
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Surrealist artist Salvador Dali was born 100 years ago and his art is being celebrated for a week across the globe.
Fantasies Diurnes
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Fantasies Diurnes, dating from 1932, just after his most iconic work, the trio of melting clocks called The Persistency of Memory (1931). The melted motif became a Dali staple.
Dali installation in Barcelona, 2004
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As well as a painter and sculptor, Dali was a film-maker, writer and philosopher. He was regarded as the leader of the Surrealist movement, despite turning his back on the style in the 1940s.
Dali with a waxwork of his own head
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The artist's great love was the Russian immigrant Gala, who became his lover, wife and muse for many of his greatest works. She died in 1982.
Angel of Port Lligat
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One of his most famous pieces is the Angel of Port Lligat, which was painted in 1952. It is indicative of his "mystic period", during which time he wrote several books.
Time's cover dedicated to Dali
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Dali is the only artist to have had two museums dedicated to him during his lifetime. One was in St Petersburg in Florida in the US, and the other in his home town of Figueres.
Dali at the BBC
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He gave his first painting exhibition at the age of 14 in his Catalonian home town of Figueres, near Barcelona. As a young painter he dabbled with Cubist and Futurist styles before creating his own techniques.
Another Dali installation in Barcelona
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Dali's surreal style even made it to Hollywood. He designed the hallucinatory dream sequence in Alfred Hitchcock's classic 1945 film Spellbound.
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In later life Dali's paintings became preoccupied with religious themes and scientific discovery. He also drew inspiration from old masters such as Velasquez and Raphael.
Salvador Dali in the 1970s
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The artist had to give up painting in the early 1980s due to ill health - and he was nearly killed in a fire in 1984. He lived in his Figueres museum until 1989, when he died of heart failure aged 84.

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