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Last Updated: Thursday, 6 May, 2004, 23:53 GMT 00:53 UK
In pictures: Battle for Najaf
US helicopter near Najaf
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Helicopter gunships have been backing US troops as they push into the Iraqi Shia city of Najaf.
US tank blocking road near Najaf's governor's office
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Heavy tanks secured the governor's office after three days of skirmishes with religious militiamen.
Iraqi gunman aims his rifle inside a Najaf cemetery
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The lightly armed militia portray the conflict as a battle to defend their Shia Muslim faith.
US soldier returns fire during ambush on his Humvee jeep
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American soldiers have come under fierce fire but most of the casualties reported are Iraqi.
Iraqi civilian carries his injured child to hospital in Najaf
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In a city of 600,000, civilians have been caught in the crossfire.
An unidentified Iraqi woman screams outside a Najaf hospital
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Iraqi doctors said two women and a child were killed on Thursday.


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