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Last Updated: Friday, 24 September, 2004, 16:48 GMT 17:48 UK
In pictures: Haitians struggle for survival
Haitian women wade through water in Gonaives.
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Haiti is struggling to cope with the aftermath of devastating floods that have turned roads into rivers.
People cover their noses in Gonaives.
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The stench of decomposing bodies in the worst-affected city of Gonaives is unbearable.
An Argentine UN soldier and a nun help a woman as she is carrying food during a distribution in Gonaives.
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There is huge demand for the few relief supplies ferried in.
Haitians in Gonaives scramble to get food packets.
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But very little is getting through - here they scramble to grab pasta packets thrown from a relief container.
Residents of Gonaives fighting to get food supplies.
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The possibility for conflict is always there - and the mightiest are at it.
Woman fainting in Gonaives.
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Some have already reached the limits of endurance - like this woman who fainted waiting for food.
Gonaives residents on the roofs of their submerged homes.
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With everything submerged, people are sleeping on rooftops.
Two UN workers who have just delivered a baby in Gonaives.
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And life goes on - Argentine UN workers deliver a new baby.


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