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In Pictures: Your Africa

Orphans dancing in Mozambique

BBC News Online reader Katie Clayton sent in this picture of orphans in Mozambique dancing during an outing to a zoo not far from the capital, Maputo.

Young boy in traditional dress poses for a photograph after being circumcised

Ahmed Wetaka captured this image of a traditional Ugandan ceremony, as a young man has his hand shaken after his circumcision in Mbale.

One-year-old Ethiopian girl on her first birthday

In another ceremony, this Ethiopian girl poses for Ayelework Awoke in a traditional nativity dress on her first birthday.

Ruins of ancient Roman city of Leptis Magna in Libya

Kauther Hashaishi took this shot of the magnificent amphitheatre in the Roman city of Leptis Magna in Libya.

A Senegalese mosque along the Corniche, Dakar's main coastal road

Here, a woman carries a bucket on her head as she walks past the pillars of a half-built Senegalese mosque, sent in by Robert Mooney.

An orphan in Malawi praying

Katie Gardner sent in this picture of a boy praying at Chiwengo Orphanage in Malawi.

Tanzanian women ululate with joy

Tanzanian women ululate with joy in Loralee Hyde's picture, after receiving a development grant for their village near Arusha.

Woman picking tea in Kenya

During a visit to his father's farm in Nyeri, Kenya, Wanjugu Karuri snapped this shot of his sister Wangechi picking tea.

Man pours tea outside his tent in the Mali desert

Still on the tea theme, this Tuareg man in the desert north of Timbuktu in Mali pours a drink for his guest, John H Simes.

Desert dunes along Namibia's coast

This picture of Namibia's rolling coastal dunes was sent in by Barry Smith.

A woman in a doorway in Uganda

Leaning against a doorway in Bukeka village in Uganda, this woman takes a break, in Crystal Bailey's picture.

Boys gather boats in Ghana

Ghanaian boys gather fishing boats in the coastal town of Elmina, in Neal Jackson's photograph.

In Pictures: Your Africa
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