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Last Updated: Sunday, 2 May, 2004, 15:20 GMT 16:20 UK
Your pictures: EU celebrations
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Oscar Aquilina sent in this picture of the EU enlargement celebrations over the Grand Harbour, Malta.
Glenn Riley: Being an expat in Brussels, I was able to watch the flag flying at Cinquantenaire Park
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Glenn Riley: As a Brussels ex-pat, I saw the European flag flying at Cinquantenaire Park.
Kulautuvos High School, Lithuania
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Andrius Dagilis: Kulautuvos High School celebrated Lithuania's accession to the European Union.
A woman wearing a dress made from the European flag, in Vilnius
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Andrius Sarcevicius: This girl, in front of Vilnius Cathedral in Lithuania, was wearing a dress made from the European flag.
Scene on the German-Polish border
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Franz Danner and Christian Huber (on the Polish-German border): We all look forward to having a great relationship with our new neighbours.
Students singing the European anthem in Oxford
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Robin Taylor: Two Oxford University societies joined forces and sang a rousing rendition of the EU anthem.
Empty bottles and remains of food after an enlargement party in Cambridge
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Chris and Paul, from Cambridge: We marked the momentous event by sampling the food, drink and music of our old and new European friends.


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