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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 September, 2004, 12:46 GMT 13:46 UK
In Pictures: Haiti floods
An aerial view of the northern coastal city of Gonaives, where roads have turned into rivers and crops are completely covered by water
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Hundreds of people were killed, as flood waters swept through Haiti in the wake of tropical storm Jeanne.
Residents of Gonaives taking refuge on roof tops to avoid the flood waters
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Gonaives in the north of the country was almost entirely submerged in water - residents had to spend the night huddled on roof tops and in trees.
People leave their homes during floods in Haiti
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Many people took their meagre belongings and left flooded homes.
The waters covering the road to Gonaives, in the north-west of the country
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But getting aid to the city is very difficult after roads were covered by flood water.
Water is distributed in Gonaives, Haiti
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Thirsty Haitians are so desperate for water that fights have broken out when shipments do make it through.
An UN worker in Gonaives treats one of the many hundreds of people injured during the floods
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UN peacekeepers have been helping to treat injured people in Gonaives.
The bodies of two people killed in the flooding lay outside the UN office in Gonaives
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Bloated corpses are filling the morgues, as people search for missing relatives.
A Haitian boy takes his dog out on a bucket in Gonaives, where flood waters are waist-deep in some areas
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As Haiti begins three days of national mourning, there are fears the death toll will rise, as the receding waters reveal more bodies.


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