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Last Updated: Friday, 30 April, 2004, 14:03 GMT 15:03 UK
In pictures: Falluja pullout
A US marine from the First Battalion, 5th Marines, Bravo Company, takes down netting as his battalion prepares to leave their temporary marine base in the city of Falluja on Friday
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US marines around the strife-torn city of Falluja pack up the camouflage netting before pulling out.
A US marine from the First Battalion, 5th Marines, Bravo Company, cuts down barbed wire
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They cut down the barbed wire around their temporary bases from which they tried to suppress a revolt for three weeks.
American tanks reposition along the highway linking Baghdad to Falluja
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Their tanks move outside the city - to be replaced by a force of about 1,000 soldiers, mostly from the former Iraqi army.
An Iraqi girl peers out of a car as she waits for the opening of the checkpoint leading into Falluja
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Iraqis trying to cross into Falluja wait anxiously as American-installed checkpoints are dismantled...
An Iraqi boy kisses a young passenger as they cross into Falluja on Friday
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... and, finally, make their way back into the city.
Residents of Falluja celebrate with the Iraqi national flag at a dismantled checkpoint
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As the Americans retreat, they leave behind crowds of rejoicing Falluja residents...
A man gestures at the rubble left behind by mortars during fighting between insurgents and US troops.
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... but in many quarters of the 300,000-strong city, the scars of battle remain.

US forces begin Falluja pullout
30 Apr 04  |  Middle East


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