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In pictures: Eddie Adams
South Vietnamese Police Chief Nguyen Ngoc Loan executes a Vietcong officer with a single shot in the head in Saigon
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Eddie Adams, who took this famous Vietnam War picture of a Vietcong prisoner being shot dead, has died at the age of 71. He won the Pulitzer Prize for it in 1969, but later said it was unfair on the police chief who carried out the killing.
Nguyen Thi Yen holds her sick child as she pleads for help from a fishing boat carrying her and 48 other refugees in Thailand in 1977. The refugees were refused entry and towed back to sea
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Adams preferred this picture of Vietnamese boat people trying to flee the war.
Jacqueline Kennedy after the burial of JF Kennedy
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He took this picture of Jacqueline Kennedy at the burial of her husband, President John F Kennedy, in November 1963.
Leila Khaled in 1970 at a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon
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Adams photographed Leila Khaled, a Palestinian famous for her involvement in a series of hijackings in 1970.
Eddie Adams portrait of jazz great Louis Armstrong practising on his gold-plated trumpet in New York
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Adams took this portrait of jazz great Louis Armstrong playing his gold-plated trumpet in New York in June 1970.
Gerald and Betty Ford leave the White House in 1977
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He captured President Gerald Ford and First Lady Betty Ford as they prepared to leave the White House in 1977.
Pony driver John Streets outside an independent coal mine in Deamy Hollow, West Virginia
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Here, pony driver John Streets pauses outside a coal mine in West Virginia, US, where he earned $14.80 a day in 1969.
Eddie Adams picture of Mother Teresa
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Adams took this picture of Mother Teresa, cradling an armless baby girl, at her order's orphanage in Calcutta, India in 1978.
Adams, pictured in 1992.
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Adams, pictured here in 1992, died in Manhattan on 19 September 2004, aged 71.

Iconic picture photographer dies
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