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Last Updated: Monday, 26 April, 2004, 11:10 GMT 12:10 UK
In pictures: Aftermath of N Korea blast
School bags in Ryongchon (Gerald Bourke, WFP)
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School bags are piled near the scene of last Thursday's train blast which killed over 150 people. About half the 1,300 injured are said to be children.
Child victims of the train blast
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Hospitals are said to be running low on vital supplies to treat the large number of casualties.
North Korean boy in hospital
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Aid workers say many suffered serious facial injuries from burning grit and glass thrown out by the blast.
Injured child in hospital
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Family members keep an anxious bedside vigil. Hospitals are said to be overflowing with patients and their relatives.
Destroyed primary school
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At a devastated primary school, North Korean workers sift the debris.
Child by building
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Those lucky enough to escape injury have been salvaging valuables from the rubble.
North Korean railway officials
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International aid workers have had an unprecedented view of life inside the secretive communist republic.
Workers load trucks in Dandong, China,
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Workers in the Chinese border town of Dandong load trucks with aid supplies. China is North Korea's long-standing ally.
Border river exchange
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A Chinese man crossed this stream to pass an aid package to the North Korean border guard.

N Korea overwhelmed with injured
26 Apr 04  |  Asia-Pacific


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