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Photographer of the Year: Solitude
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Here are the top photos sent in by you, our readers, for the fifth round of our Photographer of the Year competition. The theme was 'Solitude'. The winner voted by you to go through to the final was "Untitled" by Maxine Khan
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"Old age" by Urszula Zwardon also qualifies for the final round.
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"East Coast Road" by I. Gouthaman came a close third - the following entries appear in alphabetical order
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"Maiko" by Richard Chapman
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"Coming in from the cold" by Andrew Haggar
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"Old Woman" by Veronica Khokhlova
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"Alone in a crowd" by Joann McPike
Caroline Perier
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"Long Way Home" by Caroline Perier
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"Poland Train" by Sebastian Meyer
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"Untitled" by Nicholas Purcell
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"Lonely Fairy" by Lisa Simpson
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"Lost in thought" by Alan Wheeler


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