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Last Updated: Monday, 26 April, 2004, 05:30 GMT 06:30 UK
In pictures: N Korea blast
A huge crater at the scene of the blast in Ryongchon
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The explosion on Thursday gouged out a massive crater - aid workers said it looked like a fireball had hit the area.
The exterior of the Ryongchon primary school which was wrecked in the blast
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North Korea said 76 of the 161 dead were children, killed when their school was destroyed.
Homes destroyed by blast in Ryongchon
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The true scale of the disaster emerged when aid workers reached the devastated town.
Injured North Korean children
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Aid workers at the scene have reported that hospitals are struggling to cope without enough beds or medicine for the hundreds of victims.
South Korean workers from Korean Red Cross load aid supply kits for North Korea
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South Korea has promised to deliver emergency aid as quickly as possible as more details of the catastrophe emerge.
Ryonchon residents amid rubble
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Dazed residents picked through the rubble, which stretched for up to 500 metres from the blast site.
North Koreans inspect a carriage burned in the blast
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Officials said a power line had collapsed, igniting an oil tanker and wagons laden with ammonium nitrate fertiliser.
Ryongchon ruins
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Aid workers estimate that at least 40% of the town was damaged by the blast.
North Koreans with salvaged furniture
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Residents tried to salvage what they could from the ruins - thousands were left homeless.
North Korean boy collecting doorknobs
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This boy is collecting doorknobs found in the ruins.
Damaged and buckled railway tracks in Ryongchon
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The damage to the line is a major blow to North Korea, disrupting freight traffic.
North Koreans in the border town of Sinuiju - it is not clear how much the wider population knows of the disaster
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The communist state's media kept North Koreans in the dark about the disaster for two days.

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24 Apr 04  |  Asia-Pacific


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