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In pictures: Pink Floyd album artist
Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, courtesy of Rockoptic
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Storm Thorgerson, whose album cover artwork includes Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, is staging a London exhibition.
Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd, courtesy of Rockoptic
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His designs for artists such as Pink Floyd (seen here), Led Zeppelin, 10CC and Black Sabbath helped to define an era.
Bury the Hatchet by The Cranberries, courtesy of Coriander/Storm Thorgerson
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Thorgerson began his career with UK design group Hipgnosis, founded in the late 1960s.
 Kindred Spirit, made for Nigel Kennedy (rejected in favour of Kennedy photo), courtesy of rockarchive.com
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His distinctive style has made him one of the industry's most recognisable artists.
The Division Bell by Pink Floyd, courtesy of Rockoptic
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The cover of Pink Floyd's The Division Bell (1994) explored the album's theme of contradiction in communication...
Animals by Pink Floyd, courtesy of Rockoptic
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...while for the band's Animals (1977), he cast London's Battersea Power Station in a distinctly uneasy light.
Stomp 442 by Anthrax, courtesy of Coriander/Storm Thorgerson
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Thorgerson's edgy style has an element of "performance" to it.
Chrome by Catherine Wheel, courtesy of Coriander & Storm Thorgerson
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He enjoys provoking the audience into asking whether the imagery is fantasy or reality.
Mr Lovepants by Ian Dury & The Blockheads, courtesy of CCA Galleries
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Thorgerson's photography also has a comical touch. His works are displayed at the John Martin Gallery, Chelsea, from 21 September to 9 October.

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