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Last Updated: Tuesday, 20 April, 2004, 16:33 GMT 17:33 UK
Kashmir election woes
Army searches voters
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Much of the sporadic violence on the first day of India's general election was in Kashmir. The constituency of Baramullah is one of the most troubled in the whole country. ( Photos: Habib Naqash)
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"I cannot waste my vote," this woman says. "Cultivation of the land can wait."
Polling station
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But this polling station illustrated the low turn out in an area where militants have urged a boycott of the polls.
Presiding officer
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This election official told the BBC that only three voters turned up in the first two hours at his polling station.
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"Elections never helped us," this man complains. "We haven't seen anyone even during the campaign. But now the army tells us to vote."
Man with voting machine
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Like the rest of India, voters in Baramullah were using an electronic voting machine.
Old woman
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"I was keen to vote before my death," says Sonamali, aged 90.
Anti-election protesters
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Some demanding independence from India staged protests. "No election, no selection, we want freedom," they chanted.

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Cabinet members Old faces return
Gandhi family loyalists back in from the cold, but no fresh blood in cabinet.




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