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Last Updated: Saturday, 11 September, 2004, 14:06 GMT 15:06 UK
In pictures: Hurricane Ivan
An overhead view of the damage caused to the island of Grenada by Hurricane Ivan
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Hurricane Ivan has devastated the island of Grenada, flattening houses and severing power supplies.
Debris of St George's Hospital, Grenada
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The storm severely damaged many key buildings in the capital, St George's, including the main hospital.
Damaged boats in St George's harbour, Grenada, after the passing of Hurricane Ivan
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Grenada has declared a national disaster and Prime Minister Keith Mitchell says the island is 90% devastated.
A devastated warehouse in St George's harbour, Grenada, after the passing of Hurricane Ivan
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For Grenada, the hurricane was the worst in living memory - worse than Hurricane Janet, which struck in 1955.
An infra-red satellite image of hurricane Ivan
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The hurricane is one of the most powerful to strike the region in the past decade.
Locals take part in clean-up efforts in the village of Dennery on the coast of Castries, St Lucia
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Trees in the island of St Lucia were ripped out of the earth by the force of the winds.
A damaged house in Kingstown, St Vincent
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Homes, like this one in Kingstown, St Vincent, were damaged and people had to flee to find cover.
Her home damaged, a woman takes shelter from the fierce winds in a church in Castries, St Lucia
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Some took shelter in churches but others were less fortunate.
Locals begin the huge clean-up task in Castries, St Lucia
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Everyone got involved in the massive clean-up operation in Castries, St Lucia.
A man returns to his devastated house in St Philip Parish, Barbados
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Roofless and unprotected, a man surveys the damage to his home in St Philip, Barbados.
A fallen tree in Kingston, Jamaica
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In Jamaica, daybreak on Saturday revealed the extent of the damage wrought by the storm overnight.
A piece of roof in Kingston, Jamaica
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Hurricane Ivan ripped off roofs and uprooted trees in the capital, Kingston.



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