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In pictures: Caron Keating
Caron Keating
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Caron Keating, who has died aged 41, will be best remembered as a Blue Peter presenter. After working for BBC Northern Ireland, she joined Blue Peter in November 1986.
Caron Keating
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Keating's Blue Peter assignments required her to jump under waterfalls, dive with sharks and abseil down skyscrapers.
Caron Keating, Janet Ellis, Mark Curry
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Caron Keating had a total of five Blue Peter co-presenters, including 1987 team Janet Ellis and Mark Curry.
Caron Keating
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While hosting Blue Peter, she presented many items including a feature on Doctor Who's Daleks.
Mark Curry, Caron Keating, Yvette Fielding
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Hosting Blue Peter until January 1990, she worked with Mark Curry, Yvette Fielding and Bonnie the dog in 1988.
Caron Keating and Gloria Hunniford
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As her popularity grew, she and her mother Gloria Hunniford were beseiged by fans near her mother's home in Sevenoaks, Kent, in 1987.
Yvette Fielding, Mark Curry, Caron Keating
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It wasn't all hard work at Blue Peter, as Keating joined co-presenters Yvette Fielding and Mark Curry on a summer expedition to Russia in 1987.
Caron Keating
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Caron Keating was credited with adding a sense of 1980s style and fashion to the previously conservative children's programme Blue Peter.
Caron Keating, Sarah Greene, Phillip Schofield
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Keating joined fellow BBC children's television presenters Sarah Greene and Phillip Schofield to interview pop group Bros in 1988.
Caron Keating and Gloria Hunniford
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She joined forces with her mother Gloria Hunniford to co-host the Five series Open House, after they were pictured together at 2000's Chelsea Flower Show.
Caron Keating, son Charlie and husband Russ Lindsay
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Keating took a break from her TV career to raise her sons Charlie (above) and Gabriel with husband Russ Lindsay.
Caron Keating
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Caron Keating died at her mother's home in Sevenoaks, Kent, after losing her seven-year battle against breast cancer.



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