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In pictures: BBC Two's distinctive style
Kangaroos 1964
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This kangaroo cartoon image helped launch BBC Two in 1964.
BBC Two ident 1975
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BBC Two developed a reputation for eye-catching idents over the years - like this which appeared in between programmes in 1975.
Rubber duck
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But the "2" figure developed in the early 1990s and quickly became a favourite with viewers.
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It was used in various ways to promote specific shows, such as comedy or wildlife strands.
Swan and cygnets
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The swan-like shape of the number "2" was used to create the cygnets in this image.
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Snooker has long been a part of BBC Two's line-up.
Christmas tree
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This early 90s Christmas tree logo featured flashing red bulbs to spell out the number.
Fizzing tablet in glass
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By the mid 90s, the logos were becoming more sophisticated.
Traffic lights
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Several different commissions are made for each BBC Two season.
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The logos often relate to changes in season.
Fly trap
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Many of them have a simple yet eye-catching concept - here the logo takes the guise of an electric fly trap.
BBC Two fish logo
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The most recent animations use up-to-the-minute animation techniques.



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