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Last Updated: Monday, 12 April, 2004, 13:02 GMT 14:02 UK
In pictures: Russia mine tragedy
Rescuers check equipment on surface
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Rescuers tried desperately to save dozens of men trapped underground when a blast ripped through Siberia's Taizhina coal mine early on Saturday.
Men descending to mine
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Taizhina and a neighbouring pit were used as rescuers fought to reach their colleagues...
Body brought to surface
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...but most of the men were already dead.
Woman looking at list of dead and injured
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Relatives could only scour lists of the dead and injured for news of their loved ones.
Weeping relatives at mine
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Some families wept openly as the tragedy sunk in.
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Mothers grieved for lost sons...
Oksana and her son Alexander wait for news of her husband
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...and wives for their husbands. Dozens of children are now without fathers.
Miner at neighbouring pit in Osinniki
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Russian miners know their job is a dangerous one, in a chronically underfunded industry rife with problems.

Hopes fade in Russian mine blast
12 Apr 04  |  Europe


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