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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 September, 2004, 14:46 GMT 15:46 UK
BBC on Tour 2004: Liverpoool
Visitors get to grips with some of the technical jobs
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BBC on Tour visited Liverpool during the August bank holiday weekend as part of the Mathew Street Festival.
Two Beatles lookalikes present the news
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In the home city of the Beatles, it was only fitting that a tribute band should present the news.
Beatles lookalike presents the weather
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While another member of the group used his guitar to highlight the weather hotspots.
Penny Tranter and Max Foster
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BBC weather presenter Penny Tranter helped news correspondent Max Foster get to grips with the weather technology.
Penny Tranter and Nicola Dixon
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BBC North West Today's weather presenter Nichola Dixon joined Penny Tranter to assist those having a go at weather reporting.
Nigel Jay and presenters
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North West Today presenter Nigel Jay gave some words of wisdom to the news and sport presenters.
Visitors watch the boxing match
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Visitors got an additional treat when the screens in the tent broadcast the Olympic lightweight boxing match in which Britain's Amir Khan won a silver medal.


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