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Easter in pictures
Caracas, Venezuela
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Christ in Caracas: Actors on the streets of the Venezuelan capital depict the final moments of Jesus' life.
Two Christian boys in one of Damascus' oldest churches
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Cracking eggs brings smiles to the faces of two boys in Syria, where Christians make up just 10% of the population.
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A woman is reflected in glass covering a poster of Christ in the Philippines, Asia's only predominantly Catholic country.
Cordoba, Spain
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A hooded Easter penitent walks past an advertising hoarding in the Spanish city of Cordoba.
Chicks at Triple D Farm and Hatchery in Palmer, near Anchorage
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An Alaskan farm gives new meaning to Easter egg decoration - by injecting a special dye to produce multi-coloured chicks.
Coliseum, Rome
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The Pope leaves the Coliseum in Rome after presiding over a torch-lit procession on Good Friday.
An Italian police officer searches a pilgrim at an entrance to St Peter's Square
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Security is tight for pilgrims attending the traditional Easter Sunday mass at the Vatican's St Peter's Square.
Mexican man
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A Mexican man has cactus applied to his skin as part of a ritual of penitence.
Serbian Orthodox Christians attend a solemn liturgy conducted by Patriarch Pavle in Belgrade monastery
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Serbian Orthodox Christians gather in a Belgrade monastery to observe Easter according to the old Julian calendar.
Bournemouth beach, Dorset
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For some, Easter is a time to take a break and, for those on England's south coast, enjoy some mild weather.


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