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In pictures: Europe's 'final frontier'
View of Spanish mainland from Tangier
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The Spanish mainland (in the distance) is just 25km from Tangiers and there are regular ferry crossings - for those with papers.
Tangier's Medina area
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The narrow streets of Tangiers' Medina area used to be full of illegal immigrants - now hundreds have been deported.
People crossing mountains near Ceuta
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While the police do everything they can to stop illegal immigrants, people openly smuggle goods from tax-free Ceuta into Morocco right next to the official crossing point.
Mountains near Ceuta
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The migrants living in the mountains can see Ceuta down below.
Border crossing Tangier-Ceuta
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The official border crossing point between Africa and "the promised land" is a five minute walk for those with the right papers but a no-go area for illegal immigrants.
Moussa Sakho
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Moussa has so far failed to get past the fence into Ceuta, but will attempt it again.
Migrants near water pipe
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The migrants have found running water near their forest camps but there is not enough to wash regularly.
Migrants exercising on the beach in Ceuta
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Those who make it to Ceuta, work out on the beach while their asylum claims are processed...
Ceuta street scene
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... Or telephone friends, family - and immigration lawyers.


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