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In pictures: Iraq revolt
US Marines with the 2nd Battalion 1st Marine Regiment take cover during a gunbattle with insurgents on the outskirts of Falluja
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US-led coalition forces are fighting for control of the town of Falluja, a focus of Sunni Muslim resistance in Iraq.
Bombed car in the Sadr City suburb of Baghdad
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But the coalition faces a war on two fronts, as Shias stage violent protests and attacks in many Iraqi cities.
US troops guard the Coalition Provisional Authority HQ in Baghdad
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After a year of Sunni violence, the US-led coalition is facing a new armed opponent.
Sadr City residents gather around a car crushed by US armour
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Baghdad's sprawling Sadr City has been particularly affected by the fighting.
Shia gunmen celebrate beside wreckage of US Humvee jeep in Sadr City
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The week began with fierce battles on the ground in Sadr City, seen as a Shia stronghold.
An Iraqi boy holds on to a billboard reading RELIGION during a demonstration of supporters loyal to radical Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr in the al-Shuala district of Baghdad
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But another Shia district of the capital, al-Shuala, was the scene of peaceful anti-American protests on Tuesday.
Um Ali, a Shia mother from Sadr City, weeps by the hospital bed of her wounded 3-year-old, Ali Majeed
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Shia Iraqis, not previously seen as hostile to the coalition, are counting their dead and injured.
Shia gunmen take up position on Monday in Baghdad's Shuala district
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Supporters of Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr are protesting at the arrest of one of his aides and the closure of his newspaper.
members of Moqtada Sadr's Mehdi Army militia at a mosque in Kufa
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In Kufa, south of Baghdad, members of Mr Sadr's Mehdi Army militia stood guard outside a mosque on Tuesday.
Shia machine-gunner takes up position in Najaf on Sunday
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The holy city of Najaf, where protesters fought battles with Spanish-led troops, has also seen violence.
Shia protesters on the roof of the governor's office in Basra
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But Shia protesters occupied the governor's office in Basra on Monday without a battle.
US Marines with the 2nd Battalion 1st Marine Regiment take cover during a gunbattle with insurgents on the outskirts of Falluja
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Shia unrest is an unwelcome challenge for a coalition still fighting to "pacify" Sunni parts of Iraq.


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