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Last Updated: Sunday, 4 April, 2004, 12:52 GMT 13:52 UK
In pictures: Concorde takes to the water
G-BOAA moved from Heathrow
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Concorde G-BOAA was transported through a wet night from Heathrow to Isleworth.
Temporary bollards and lights
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Traffic lights and bollards were replaced with moveable substitutes for Concorde G-BOAA's journey.
Concorde loaded on to barge
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Concorde's loyal fans flocked to watch G-BOAA take to the water for its journey north.
Slipway for loading Concorde
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The little port of Isleworth gained a temporary slipway for G-BOAA's loading on to its barge.
Concorde with nose cone
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Once aboard the Terra Marique, the familiar nose cone was re-fitted to G-BOAA.
Barge Terra Marique
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The 2,000-ton Terra Marique is designed to take exceptional loads off the road.
Concorde wings sawn off
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Concorde enthusiasts were upset that G-BOAA's wings had been sawn away.
Concorde on its barge
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Beached for now - but G-BOAA faces a journey down the Thames and up the east coast to Edinburgh.
Concorde going on board Terra Marique
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Shorn of its wings and tail, G-BOAA bids a subdued farewell to the London suburbs which once shook as it passed.


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